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221. Any and every command can be founded on the ?
Answer :- Menu Bar

222. C++ is a .......
Answer :- an Object Oriented Language

223. Placement of text going past the right merging to the next line ?
Answer :- wordwarp

224. Cut operation can also be accomplished by using shortcut key .....?
Answer :-Ctrl+X

225. Operation system is like a .....?
Answer :- Government

226. Spell check is under which menu ?
Answer :- Tool

227. You can delete one character using ....... key ?
Answer :- backspace

228. Which of the following is most resistant to electrical and noise interference ?
( Fiber, UDP , Coax, STP)
Answer :- Fiber

229. What does fiber use to transmit data ?
Answer :- Light

230. The amount of input tax that is permitted to be sent off against output tax ?
Answer :- Input credit
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