Instructions to the Candidate

1. Candidates shall occupy the seats allotted to them in the examination hall before the time specified in the Admission Ticket. Late comers will not be admitted to the Examination Centre. 
2. Candidates shall produce a photo affixed Identity Proof in original. The following 15 documents only will be accepted as identity proof. 
1) Voters ID issued by Election Commission 
2) Pan Card 
3) Driving License 
4) Passport 
5) ID card issued by Social Welfare Dept., Govt. of Kerala to Physically Handicapped persons 6) Photo affixed Passbooks issued by Nationalized Banks 
7) ID Cards issued to Govt. employees by the Departments/Institutions concerned 
8) Discharge Certificate issued to the ex-servicemen/Photo affixed ID Card issued to the ex- servicemen by the Zila Sainik Welfare Officer 
9) Conductor License issued by the Motor Vehicle Department 
10) Photo affixed pass book issued by Scheduled Banks/Kerala State Co-operative Banks/District Co-operative Banks 
11) Photo affixed ID card issued by Public Sector undertakings (Various Companies /Corporations/ Boards/Authority/Govt. Autonomous Institutions) to their employees 
12) Photo affixed identity card issued by various Universities in Kerala to their employees 
13) Photo affixed Medical Certificate issued by the Medical Board to PH candidates 
14) Photo affixed ID Card issued by Bar Council to those who are enrolled as Advocates 
15) AADHAAR card issued by the Central Government. Candidates who fail to produce identity proof will not be permitted to attend the examination. 
3. Candidates shall bring Admission Ticket, Identity Proof in original Ball Point Pen with blue/black ink and writing Board in to Examination Hall. Candidates shall not bring with them any electronic/communication device such as Calculator, Mobile Phone, Digital Dairy etc in to the Examination Hall. 
4. No Photograph shall be pasted on the Scanned image in the Admission ticket.Those who produce Admission ticket with Photograph pasted on the scanned image, will not be allowed to attend the examination. 
5. For the Posts in which applications are received via OTR, if the Photograph of the Scanned image in the Admission Ticket does not bear name and date of Photo, the candidate will not be permitted to write the test. Whereas, for the Posts in which applications had been received via Online (not through OTR) if the Photograph on the Scanned image does not bear name and date of Photo, the candidates have to affix a new photograph with the above details in the space provided for near the scanned image. Otherwise, they will not be permitted to write the test. 
6. Candidates will not be permitted either to enter the examination hall after the time specified in the Admission ticket or to leave the hall until the examination is over. 
7. Candidates should not misbehave with the officials engaged in examination duty or commit any sort of malpractice or resort to any unfair means during the course of the examination. The answer scripts of the candidates who violate the above instructions will be invalidated and legal action will be taken against them. 
8. Candidates who are eligible for Travelling Allowance should obtain attendance certificate from the Chief Superintendent on the day of the examination itself. 
9. No Change of examination centre will be allowed under any circumstances. 
10. Candidates are admitted provisionally to the examination, as detailed scrutiny of the applications has not been completed. If any discrepancy in the applications is found on detailed scrutiny, such applications will be rejected. 
11. In case of postponement of examination for any reason whatsoever, the new date will be published in this website . Individual communication will not be issued to candidates in this regard. Candidates shall produce the same Admission tickets for the examination on the new date. 
12. Part A and Part B of the answer sheet shall be separated along the dotted line (through the middle of Bar code) and handed over to the Assistant Superintendent only after the time allotted for the test is over. Any violation in the regard will result in invalidation of answer script. 
1. Modified OMR Answer sheets, which can be evaluated using an Optical Mark Reader (OMR), will be issued for this examination. 2. OMR sheet/Question Booklet will not be replaced for any reason except printing or manufacturing defect. 
3. Part A of the answer sheet is for entry of register number, date of birth, name of post and date of test and part B is for marking your answers. In the columns provided for register number and date of birth, write your register number and date of birth in the respective boxes and fully darken the corresponding bubbles. The English alphabet prefixed to the Register Number should be entered in the separate box provided. In part B of the OMR Sheet, fully darken the bubbles corresponding to the right answer against each question. 
4. Use only ball point pen with blue/black ink for darkening the bubbles in the OMR Sheet. 
5. Avoid mutilating , dampening or soiling the answer sheet. Read the instructions on the reverse side of the OMR sheet. Do not tamper with the barcode in the centre of the OMR answer sheet, otherwise your answer sheet will be invalidated. 
6. Errors in marking entries in part A of the answer sheet will lead to invalidation. Fresh OMR sheet will not be supplied. 
7. The question Booklet Alpha code allotted to the candidates is noted along with the Register Number on their seats. (Question Booklet Alpha code- A/B/C/D) 
8. In part B, for each Question, darken only the bubble corresponding to the right answer eg: if your answer is ‘C’ 
9. Each correct answer will fetch 1 mark. But 1/3 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer (Negative mark) 
10. Marking more than one answer or making alterations in the marked answer will result in negative mark. 
11. Use the blank sheet provided at the end of the question booklet for calculations if required. No marking shall be made anywhere on the answer sheet. 
12. The candidate must attend at least one question, otherwise the script will be invalidated. 
See the picture of the model OMR given below


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