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Secretariat Assistant 2013 Questions
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1. An example of a telecommunication device:
(a) Printer (b) Mouse
(c) Keyboard (d) Modem

2. A high level language developed for business data processing applications:

3. Whenever we have to give space between two words while typing on a PC we have to press a key known as:
(a) Backspace (b) Shift
(c) Space bar (d) Control

4. Which one of the following has the smallest storage capacity?
(a) Zip disk (b) Hard disk
(c) Floppy Disk (d) Data catridge

5. A _____ is a small hand held computer that helps you to surf the web and perform simple tasks:
(a) Mobile phone
(b) Desktop computer
(c) Mini computer
(d) Notebook computer

6. The options Minimise, Maximise and Close are located in the ____ 
(a) Menu Bar (b) Title Bar

(c) Status Bar (d) Tool Bar

7. Incorrect information is generated by 
_____ in the information system.

(a) Unreliable hardware
(b) Incorrect data
(c) Untested software
(d) Unskilled people

8. Which menu is selected to print a 

(a) File (b) Edit
(c) Tool (d) Format

9. Most application softwares today 
come with an interface called a(n):

(a) Charecter user interface
(b) Graphical user interface
(c) Icon user interface
(d) Button user interface

10.In Excel, charts are created using ___.
(a) Bar Chart (b) Chart Wizard
(c) Pie Chart (d) None of these

11.To move the cursor at the end of the 
document press:

(a) Ctrl+Esc (b) Ctrl+B
(c) Ctrl+Home (d) Ctrl+End

12.A website containing stories and 
articles relating to current events, 
life, sports, money and weather is 
considered as a(n) _____ website.

(a) Business/marketing (b) Portal
(c) Informational (d) News

13.Which menu is selected for the 
option Borders and Shading?

(a) View (b) Format
(c) File (d) Table

14.Which one of the following is a part 
of system unit?

(a) Monitor (b) Floppy disc
(c) Key board (d) Memory

15.Which menu is used to insert a row 
or column in Excel Work Sheet?

(a) Format (b) Edit
(c) Insert (d) Tools

16.You must instruct the ____ to start 
the application software:

(a) Processor
(b) Operating system
(c) Memory (d) Utility Program

17.Tool bar option is available in ____ 

(a) View (b) Tools
(c) File (d) Edit

18.Storage that retains its data after the 
power is turned off is referred to as:

(a) Mobile storage
(b) Direct storage
(c) Volatile storage
(d) Non-volatile storage

19.Which option in power point allows 
you to carry slides from one 
computer to another:

(a) Web & go (b) Save & go
(c) Save as (d) Pack & go

20.In Excel, data can be arranged in 
ascending or descending order by:

(a) Sort option from tool menu
(b) Sort option from table menu
(c) Sort option from data menu
None of these

21.Every component of your computer is:
(a) Input device or output device
(b)Software or CPU/RAM
(c) Hardware or software
(d) Application software or 
system software

22.The diameter of the commonly used 
floppy disc:

(a) 35mm (b) 75mm
(c) 70mm (d) 90mm

23.Oracle is an example of ____ 
application software.

(a) Word processing
(b) Database
(c) Project Management
(d) Presentation Graphics

24.How many types of cell references 
are available in Excel?

(a) 8 (b) 6
(c) 4 (d) 3

25.You may be required to insert the 
program disc into the drive while you 
use , or _____ the software.
(a) install (b) activate
(c) run (d) register
1 (d) 2(a) 3 (b) 4 (d) 

6(b) 7(b) 8(a) 9(b) 10(b) 
12(c) 13(b) 14(d) 15(c) 
16(b) 17(a) 
18(d) 19(d) 20(c) 
21(c) 22(d) 23(c) 
24(c) 25(a)

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