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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 212

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1. The hotest part of the gas flame is known as ?
Answer :- Non luminous zone

2. The alloy used to produce permanent magnet is?
Answer :- Alnico

3. Chemically baking soda is?
Answer :- Sodium bicarbonate

4. Who discovered valcanization?
Answer :- Charles Goodyear

5. Alloy contained mercury is known as?
Answer :- Amalgam

Do You Know ? :- The headquarters of the Inland Waterways Authority of India is at ?

6. The chemical which has the worst smell in the world?
Answer :- Methyl mercaptan

7. The element added to matchstick is?
Answer :- Red phospherous

8. Indigo is used in which industries?
Answer :- Dyeing industery

9. Hypo used in photography is chemically?
Answer :- Sodium thiosulphate

10. The purity of primary gold is?
Answer :- 24 carat

Do You Know ? :- Which article declares that the Officaial Language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script?
11. The nature of saliva is?
Answer :- Amphoteric

12. The term 'pH' denotes the?
Answer :- Acidity of basicity of solution

13. The greatest number of compounds are formed by the element?
Answer :- Carbon

14. If sodium salt is used in fire works, the colour imparted is?
Answer :- Bright yellow

15. What is dry ice?
Answer :- Sodium carbon dioxide

Do You Know ? :- The tribal group in Nilagiris are ?
16. The first artificial element is?
Answer :- Technitium

17. Alluminium is extracted from?
Answer :- Bauxite

18. Sea gets heated up and cooled down slower than the land because?
Answer :- Water has the higher specific heat

19. Aquaregia is a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid in the ratio of ?
Answer :- 3:1

20.Ordinary glass, when kept for long, turns opaque. This is due to?
Answer :- The formation of crystallites

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