LDC Examination Expected Questions - 1

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1. Abhinava Keralam was published by?
Answer :- Athmavidya Sangham

2. Who was the author of Adhyatmayudham?
Answer :- Vagbjatananda

3. Who was the first labour minister of Independent India?
Answer :- Jaggivan Ram

4. Saatriya is the classical dance form of ?
Answer :- Assam

5. Ganga Dolphin was declared National Aquatic Animal in ?
Answer :- 2009

6. Panchayath Day is observed on ?
Answer :- April 24

7. Hortus Malabaricus was published in ____ volumes?
Answer :- 12

8. What is known as Vitamin B7?
Answer :- Biotin

9. The headquarters of the Inland Waterways Authority of India is at ?
Answer :- Noida

10. Who was the author of Brihatsamhita?
Answer :- Varahamihira
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Expected Questions

LDC Exam Special

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