Building Confidence

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Those who are not confident of themselves seldom achieve success.Success and confidence go hand in hand.Some say that confidence is found in those who have already tasted success. They argue citing examples that it is only after one has reached one's goals that one can be confident in oneself. They are the ones who look at things from the superficial level. If we were to access all successful men we would see that they were people who had self-confidence built in them. And it is this confidence that took them to the citadel they had been striving to achieve.

There was a Buddha in Sidhartha. There was a Vivekanda in Narendra. There was a Mahatma in Mohandas Gandhi. It was this discovery that made them great. Every man has to discover himself. There is an element of greatness in all of us. Success depends on how well and how early we are able to recognize that element in oneself.There is absolutely nothing mystical or magical about the power of belief, the can-do it attitude develops the power, skill and vitality needed to cross milestones in life. Ones you begin to believe that you can do it then it is just a matter of time before you discover how you can do it. Belief, strong amounts of it, helps the mind in figuring the way to do things and it is this belief that makes other people place confidence in you.

Here are three guides to acquire and strengthen the power of belief.
Think success and forget about failure. Thinking success conditions your mind to creat a plan to attain success. Thinking failure produces the opposite result. It conditions the mind to think other thoughts that produce failure.
Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are. Remember not to ever admit your doubts and proclaim to people that you are not first class.
Believe Big. The size of your success is ascertained by the size of your belief. Think little goals and achieve small success. Think Big Goals and win Greater Success.

Fear of all kinds is a psychological infection that causes lack of confidence. Fear is real. It prevents people from getting what they want from, life. When we confident fear should always remember that action cures fear. But what kinds of action should you take to conquer your fear?
Give below are some examples of fear corresponding to which are some possible action cures:
Types of fear

  • Embarrassment because of personal appearance.
  • Fear of losing an important customer.
  • Fear of failing an examination.
  • Fear of things that are totally beyond our control.
  • Fear of inflicting physical injury on the self.
  • Fear of what impression others may gather about you.
  • Fear of making an investment or buying something.
  • Fear of mixing with people.

Action Cures
Improve it. Seek the help of dresses to improve your appearance. Keep yourself physically fit. Do regular exercises. Work more and harder to improve the service you render. Put all worries and harder to improve the service you render. Switch your attention to something entirely different. Turn your attention to helping others to relieve their tension.Meditate. Ensure that what you had intended to do is right, and do it immediately. Analyse all factors, take a decision and stick to it. In order to cure fear and win confidence first isolate your fear. Pin It down. Secondly take action. There is some kind of action for any kind of fear.

Remember that all confidence is acquired. No one in this world is born brimming with confidence.Those people who radiate confidence, have dispensed with all worry, are at ease with themselves on all occasions and developed this confidence by training themselves.

To think confidently one should act confidently. The following exercises can help you to build your confidence.
Be a front seater :- Most of us try to occupy the back seats while attending classes, conferences or any other assemblies. This is because we lack confidence. Sitting up front builds confidence. Make it a habit. True that once you being to occupy the front seat, you would became a little more conspicuous but remember that there is nothing inconspicuous about success.
Practice making eye contact :- Never avoid making eye contact. You have the tendency to avoid the eye of the person you are talking to because you are shy and do not have enough confidence. Looking away from the eye of the person you are conversing with makes him feel that you are hiding something or are afraid of saying something. Looking into the eyes not only provides you with confidence but also wins you confidence.
Practice speaking up :- Say something voluntarily at every occasion you get. The more you get wary of speaking the more you lose the confidence you had in yourselves. Instead of asking yourselves : " I wonder if I dare speak?" open your mouth and comment, make a suggestion or ask a question. Speak more as it is a confidence building vitamin.
Walk 25% faster :- Body action reflects the mental build. People who have a sprint in their gait project the super confidence they possess. Use the walk 25% faster technique to help build confidence. Throw your shoulders up. Lift your head and move ahead just a little faster than you usually did and feel the self-confidence growing in you.
Smile big :- A half developed smile is not fully guaranteed. A big smile beats away fear,rolls away worry and defeats despondency. It fetches you confidence. Smile big and you would immediately feel happy no matter how depressed you are. This would slowly instill in you a confidence you thought was wanting.
Confidence would come automatically to you if :

  • You have complete faith in yourself.
  • You have left no room for doubting yourself.

If you are always prepared for any kind of test in life.
If you feel that you would always perform much better than you are capable of. This should not be confused with overconfidence.
If you enjoy what you are doing. Satisfaction from your work would never give rise to any disappointment. And it is only when you are gloomy that you lose confidence in yourself.
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