7 Steps to Success

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Success men have comefrom all walks of life - people who have been inventors, discoverers or trendsetters. If we were to gauge the parameters of success then we would be able to jlter out a few factors that go a long way in fetching success. They form the building blocks. Or the seven steps to success:
All the factors though important independentally, complement each other. Each is needed for the development of the other.
A man should have an aim in life, This objective should be achieved with the aid of short term goals. The education he receives is important. So is the way he uses the education he has received. What he learns from the curricula set by the place of study he goes to should not be all.
He should hone all his faculties at least at an average level besides paying utmost attention to the subject he wishes to specialise in. He should be an avid reader. But he should not turn hiinself into a bookworm, rather he should involve him self in social activities. And as he grows he should develop a strong personality which would inspire him to be have in a healthy manner in the society. Thus he would be able to use his education for the benefit of the society and his future life. When he begins to lead a constructive life he would gain more knowledge about man, the nature around him and their co existence. This would lead him toward making a coritiibution to the society, and to posterity.
His existence would have gained meaning as he would be remembered for the contributions he made to society. He would have left a mark of his own behind when he leaves the world. What else is a successful life if this is not.
There would not be a siugle per son from among those who read this, who would say, if asked, that all this was not already known to him. Yes, we all do know about success and successful human beings. But most of us are more or less led by a false notion about success. Getting a decent job, gaining a degree or doctorate, winning an award or atleast a competition is what we mean by success. Are they really success? Success may mean achieving admiration, respect from associates, popularity in society, finding true happiness and above all self satisfaction. Perhaps real success canbe best defined as succeeding in doing what one had set about to do. lf we understand the real worth of success then it would not be as elusive. We would stop beholding with awe the men who have made it big. Not that their importance would diminish in our eyes. But we too would, with a little effort, join them as successful persons and form a stage of mutual admiration.
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