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How to reduce exam anxiety before it controls you and affect your performance.
It is normal to get anxious before an exam, but when it begins to interfear with your ability to think logically, then it becomes exam anxiety.
How to deal with your anxiety?
Counter the negative thoughts with positive ones. Negative thoughts can affect your performance on the test. The best way is to write down your negative thoughts and counter by a positive one. You need to follow this at least one week before the exam.
Negative Thought :- If I don't get a good score then it's the end.
Positive Thought :- I will prepare better and retake the test.
Breathing exercises help in reducing test anxiety and can be effective to calm your mind and body. When you start feeling anxious, take long deep breaths and exhale slowly.
Talk Positive
Almost all of us have such critical voices inside our heads. Talk positive in front of the mirror one week before the exam.
Rest Well
Have a well-balanced meal and sleep well the night before your exams. You want to be well rested, so you can concentrated on each exam questions.
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