Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 410

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781. Spondylitis affects spinal coed.

782. German Silver is an alloy of zinc, copper and nickel.

783. Tetraethyl led is used as anti-knocking agent in petrol.

784. The only vein in human body which carries oxigenated blood is pulmonary vein.

785. Temperature in human body is controlled by hypothalamus.

786. The gland which in relation to body size is largest at birth and then gradually shrinks after puberty is thymus.

787. The plant hormone which suppresses the development of fleshy fruits is Auxin.

788. The film 'Kanchenjunga' is directed by Styajith Ray.

789. Rajasthan is known as 'Land of Kingdoms'

790. Nehru Zoological Garden is located at Bokkaro.

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