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Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 357 (FACTS ABOUT KERALA)

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100.“Thekkan style’ in Kathakali was expounded by:
Answer :- Kaplingattu Namboothiri

101.Subhadradhananjayam and Thapathisamvaranam were written by:
Answer :- Kulasekharavarma

102.In which century Kathakali was originated?
Answer :- 17th

103. Jainimedu, where Kumaranasan wrote ‘Veenapoovu’ is in the district of:
Answer :- Palakkad

104 .Malik Bin Dinar constructed mosques in Kerala in:
Answer :- 644

105. 251.Marco Polo reached Kerala in :
Answer :- 1292

106.The first Malayali woman to get Saraswathi Samman:
Answer :- Balamaniamma

107.The Moroccan traveller who visited Kozhikode between 1342-47:
Answer :- Ibn Batuta

108.The most refined dance form of Kerala:
Answer :- Kathakali

109.The period of Sankaracharya:
Answer :- 788-820

110.The place in Kerala where St.Thomas landed in AD52:
Answer :- Malyankara

111.The place Indo-Swiss Project started in 1963:
Answer :- Mattuppetty

112.The port in Kerala which was developed by Robert Bristo into a major port:
Answer :- Kochi

113.Who called Alappuzha ‘Venice of the East’?
Answer :- Lord Curzon

114.Who gave permission to built the Anchengo Fort in 1690?
Answer :- Rani of Attingal

115. The port of Kodunagallur was damaged due to flood in:
Answer :- 1341

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