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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 223

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1. ‘Palm Friday’ is celebrated by:
(a) Jews 

(b) Muslims
(c) Christians
(d) Hindus

2. Who among the following Governor Generals was impeached by the British Parliament?
(a) Dalhousie
(b) William Bentick
(c) Warren Hastings 

(d) Hastings
3. Monosite is the ore of:
(a) Aluminium
(b) Titanium
(c) Manganese
(d) Thorium
4. P.G.Vodehouse created the charecter:
(a) Alice
(b) Sancho Panza
(c) Jeeves
(d) Dr.Watson
5. Flushing Medows is associated with:
(a) French Open
(b) U.S.Open
(c) Wimbledon
(d) Australian Open
6. The first woman of non-Indian origin to become the President of Indian National Congress after independence:
(a) Indira Gandhi
(b) Sonia Gandhi
(c) Sarojini Naidu 

(d) Nelli Sen Gupta
7. The broadest strait:
(a) Davis 

(b) Dover 
(c) Dardanelles 
(d) Tartar
8. The father of the nation who wrote the national anthem of the country:
(a) Tunku Abdul Rahman
(b) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
(c) George Washington
(d) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
9. The city of Jahan Panah was built by:
(a) Humayun
(b) Babur
(c) Akbar 

(d) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
10. Bernama is the news agency of:
(a) Russia
(b) Malaysia
(c) Japan
(d) Afghanistan
11. John F.Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in:
(a) 1964 

(b) 1963 
(c) 1961 
(d) 1962
12. Constitutional safeguards aganist arbitrary dismissal of a member of civil service are embodied in Article —— of the Constitution of India:
(a) 333 

(b) 331 
(c) 311 
(d) 366
13. Caste of a person is determined by:
(a) Birth 

(b) Religion 
(c) Nationality 
(d) Nativity
14. The colour of Cockpit Voice Recorder:
(a) Black 

(b) Red 
(c) Orange 
(d) Blue
15. The leader who advocated the creation of Pakhtoonistan:
(a) Rehmat Ali 

(b) Muhammadali Jinnah
(c) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
(d) Maulana Azad
16. Mahaweli ganga is the longest river in:
(a) Nepal 

(b) Bhutan 
(c) Myanmar 
(d) Sri Lanka
17. The name of Hans Christian Orsted is associated with:
(a) Electromagnetism 

(b) Lightning conductor
(c) Nuclear Fusion 

(d) Open Heart Surgery
18. Basra is a port in:
(a) Iran 

(b) Iraq 
(c) Muscat 
(d) Oman
19. The hill resort in Tamil Nadu where the Malayalee Temple is situated:
(a) Yercaud
(b) Udagamandalam
(c) Kodaikanal
(d) Coonoor
20. Who prepared the blue print of Indian Space Programme:
(a) Dr.Raja Ramanna 

(b) P.K.Sethna
(c) Dr.Vikram Sarabhai 

(d) Homi Bhabha
21. To be appointed as the Advocate General of the State,the person should possess the qualifications necessary for appointment as:
(a) A Judge of the High Court
(b) A Judge of the Supreme Court
(c) The Chief Minister of the State
(d) The Chief Secretary of the State
22. Whose last words are these-”Father, into thy hand I commend my spirit”?
(a) Mahathma Gandhi 

(b) Jesus Christ
(c) Gautama Buddha 

(d) Vivekananda
23. Formal surrender of power and Previleges; renunciation of sovereignty is known as:
(a) Whip
(b) Abdication
(c) Extradition
(d) Plebiscite
24. The first council meeting of the League of Nations was held in:
(a) Paris
(b) New York
(c) London
(d) Sanfrancisco
25. Which one of the following is not defect or disease of the eye:
(a) Squint 

(b) Cataract
(c) Glaucoma 
(d) Scurvy
1 (c) 2(c) 3 (d) 4 (c) 5(b) 6(b) 7(a) 8(a) 9(d) 10(b) 11(b) 12(c) 13(a) 14(c) 15(c) 16(d) 17(a) 18(b) 19(a) 20(c) 21(a) 22(b) 23(b) 24(a) 25(d)

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