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Staff Nurse Grade 2 Answer Key 2014

Examination held on :- 05/04/2014
Question Paper Code :- 38/2014
1. Who is known as Father of Local Self Government ?
A] Lord Cornwallis
B] Mountbatten
C] Lord Rippon
D] Lord Litton
2. Which is known as Science City of India ?
A] Delhi
B] Mumbai 
C] Hyderabad
D] Kolkatta
3. First women receive Bharat Ratna?
A] Indira Gandhi
B] Sarojini Naidu 
C] Aruna Asafali
D] Latha Mangeshkar 
4. World Population Day celebrated on ?
A] June 11
B] July 11 
C] September 21
D] January 21 
5. "Planned Economy of India" was written by ?
A] Dr.Homi.J.Bhaba
B] R.C.Dutt 
C] Dadabhai Naoroji
D]  M.Visveswarayya
6. How many gold medals did Kerala won in National School Atheletic meet in Ranchi ?
A] 40
B] 35 
C] 28
D] 38  
7. Which bollywood Actress has honored in the House of Commons, London ?
A] Kareena Kapoor
B] Kajol
C] Karishma Kapoor
D]  Maneesha Koyrala
8. In which state is the Election Commission Planning to use Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trial (VVPAT) system for the first time in the country?
A] Bihar
B] Nagaland
C] Kerala
D] Karnataka
9. Nouri-Al-Maliki Prime Minister of ......... recently visited India ?
A] Iran
B] China
C] Iraq
D] Korea
10. Last Test Match in Sachin Tendulkar's career was held at ?
A] Calcutta
B] Kochi
C] Mumbai
D] Delhi
11. The first temple consecrated by Sree Narayana Guru was at?
A] Aruvippuram
B] Varkkala
C] Chempazhanthi
D] Sivagiri
12. The book not related to Vagbhatananda?
A] Atma Vidya
B] Iswara Vicharam
C] Moksha Pradeepam
D] Manasa Chapalyam
13. Ashtamudi Kayal is flowing through ?
A] Pathanamthitta
B] Kasargodu
C] Thiruvananthapuram
D] Kollam
14. Sadujana Paripalana Sangam was founded by ?
A] Dr.Palpu
B] Ayyankali
C] Ambedkar
D] Phule
15. The name of Pre Monsoon Summer Rains of Kerala?
A] Torando
B] Mango Shower
C] Norwesters
D] The Loo

16. Black soil is found in ?
A] Kottarakkara
B] Kappadu
C] Paravur
D] Chittur
17. Who was known as Kerala Lincoln ?
A] K.Kelappan
B] K.P.Keshava Menon
C] Pandit K.P.Karuppan
D] N.Krishna Pillai
18. Headquarters of Kerala Forest Development Corporation is at ?
A] Thiruvananthapuram
B] Kottayam
C] Wayanadu
D] Pathanamthitta
19. The only poet in Malayalam who became Mahakavi without writing a Mahakavyam ?
A] Vallathol
B] Chngampuzha
C] Kumaranasan
D] Cherussery
20. The Founder and Publisher of the newspaper Swadeshabhimani ?
A] Ramakrishna Pillai
B] Vakkom Moulavi
C] Abdul Rahman Saheb
D] Balakrishna Pillai
21. The linear product obtained by the condensation polymerization of phenol and formaldehyde is ?
A] Nylone 6, 6
B] Bakelite
C] Novolac
D] Melamine
22. The Micelles (associated colloids) are formed only above a particular temperature called ?
A] Curie temperature
B] Kraft temperature
C] Boyle temperature
D] Critical temperature
23. The method used for refining semiconductors known as ?
A] Van Arkel method
B] Mond process
C] Electrolytic refining
D] Zone refining
24. Which of the following is known as 'syngas'?
A] CO+H2
B] CO+N2
D] CO+O2
25. Which of the following hydride can act as a Lewis acid ?
B] B2H6
C] NH3
D] CH4
26. A phylum with pseudocoelom ?
A] Platyhelminthes
B] Annelida
C] Aschelminthes
D] Arthropoda
27. The British ecologist who tested the hypothesis of 'Industrial melanism'?
A] Alexander von Humboldt
B] Barnard Kettlewell
C] Hugo de Vries
D] Charles Darwin
28. The lobe of the brain that can decode and interpret visual information ?
A] Frontal
B] Parietal
C] Temporal
D] Occipital
29. After ovulation corpus luteum formed in the ovary releases ?
A] Progesterone
B] Estrogen
C] Testosterone
D] Aldosterone
30. Opioids are obtained from ?
A] Claviceps purpurea
B] Erythroxylum coca
C] Cannabis sativa
D] Papaver somniferum
31. The waves used in telecommunication is ?
A] infra red
B] ultra violet
C] microwaves
D] cosmic rays
32. Photo electric effect can be explained on the basis of ?
A] Quantum theory
B] Corpuscular theory
C] Wave theory
D] Electromagnetic theory
33. After two hours 1/16th of the radio active isotope remains undecayed. Half life of the isotope is ?
A] 12 minutes
B] 45 minutes
C] 1 hours
D] 30 minutes
34. Light year is the unit of?
A] Time
B] Distance
C] Speed
D] Mass
35. A good insulator of heat is ?
A] copper
B] mercury
C] trapped air
D] iron

36. Pollen grains in the angiosperm represent ?
A] Male gamete
B] Microsporophyll
C] Microsporangium
D] Male gametophyte
37. Which of the following hormones owes its discovery to tissue culture technique?
A] Auxin
B] Cytokinins
C] Abscisic acid
D] Gibberllin
38. International Rice Reasearch Institute is at ?
A] Manila
B] New Delhi
C] Tokyo
D] New York
39. Biopesticides are produced by ?
A] Pseudomonas Sp
B] Bacillus anthracis
C] Bacillus thuringiensis
D] Agrobacterium tumefaciens
40. Which one of the following gymnosperm is said to have double fertilizations?
A] Ephedra
B] Pinus
C] Ginko
D] Cycas
41.  Vasts lateralis is a site lot ?
A] intravenous injection
B] subcutaneous injection
C] intramuscular injuction
D] intradermal injuction
42. The difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure is known as ?
A] Pulse difference
B] Cardiac pressure
C] Systolic pressure
D] Pulse pressure
43.  Where is Cardiac sphincture located?
A] Heart
B] Lungs
C] Liver
D] Stomach
44. Tunica adventitia is a layer of?
A] Testis
B] Blood vessels
C] Uterus
D]  Lungs
45. Deficiency of which vitamin causes Scurvy?
A] Vitamin A
B] Vitamin B
C] Vitamin C
D] Vitamin D
46. The antidote of organophosphorous poisoning is?
A] Adrenalin
B] Dopamine
C] Atropine
D] Sodium bicarbonate
47. Which of the following is a fracture in which bone is shattered into numerous fragments ?
A] Avulsion fracture
B] Comminuted fracture
C] Displaced fracture
D] Spiral fracture
48. Potassium intake is restricted in?
A] Liver failure
B] Cardiac failure
C] Lung failure
D] Renal failure
49. Which of the following is a risk factor for development of breast cancer?
A] No pregnancies
B] Early first pregnancy
C] Late Menarche
D] Early menopause
50. Small painful nodes on fingers and toes called Osler's nodes are seen in?
A] Infecrive endocarditis
B] Cardiomyopathy
C] Pericarditis
D] Myocarditis
51Which is the most lethal arrhythmia?
A] Ventricular tachycardia
B] Sinus arrhythmia
C] Atrial fibrillation
D] Ventricular fibrillation
52. Classic barrel shaped chest is seen in patients with?
A] Congestive cardiac failure
B] Pulmonary effection
D] Bronchiectasis
53. After a radical mastectomy with lymph node removal, which of the following measures help to prevent lymphoedema?
A] Restricting all movement of the arm
B] Raisiing arm above heart on pillows
C] Warm moist heat application
D] Placing arm close to body in sling
54The normal adult intracranial pressure is?
A] 0-15 mm of Hg
B] 80-100 mm of Hg
C] 20-40 mm of Hg
D] 60-70 mm of Hg
55Which of the following procedure is used to correct otosclerosis?
A] Myringotomy
B] Stapedectomy
C] Myringoplasty
D] Mastoidectomy
56Which of the following is a neural tube defect?
A] Meningitis
B] Meningocoele
C] Scoliosis
D] Encephalitis
57Management of Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura is?
A] Radiation therapy
B] Bone marrow transplantation
C] Steriod therapy
D] Chelation therapy
58The age of administration of measles vaccine is ?
A] 3 months
B] 9 months
C] 18 months
D] 6 months
59Typical type of play in a toddler is?
A] Co-operative play
B] Associative play
C] Onlooker play
D] Parallel play
60Normal head circumference of a newborn is?
A] 31-33 cm
B] 33-35 cm
C] 30-32 cm
D] 35-37 cm
61Which of the following is an activity of under five clinics?
A] Mid day meal programme
B] Child education
C] School health service
D] Growth monitoring
62"Flag sign" is a characteristic feature of which disease?
A] Kwashiorkor
B] Rickets
C] Marasmus
D] Poliomyelitis
63The correct surgery for Hirchsyprung's Disease is?
A] Kosai's procedure
B] Duhamel procedure
C] Pyloroplasty
D] Pyeloplasty
64Current Jelly stool is a manifestation of?
A] Trachea oesophageal fistula
B] Oesophageal atresia
C] Anorectal malformation
D] Intussusception
65Which of the following is a cyanotic heart disease?
A] Coarctation of Aorta
B] Atrial Septal Defect
C] Tetralogy of Fallot
D] Patent Ductus Arteriosus
66Germ theory of disease was found by?
A] Alexander Fleming
B] Hippocrates
C] Louis Pasteure
D] William Harvey
67The back bone of Public Health Nursing is?
A] Home visiting
B] Bag technique
C] Primary health care
D] Primary health centre

68The goal of "Health for all by 2000 AD" was mooted in World Health Assembly in the year?
A] 1948
B] 1957
C] 1978
D] 1966
69The three tier system of Local Self Government at block level is ?
A] Gramasabha 
B] Panchayath Samithi
C] Zilla Parishid
D] Nyaya Panchayat
70Which of the following is observed as Anti Malaria Month?
A] May
B] June
C] January
D] December
71Causative organism of Yellow Fever is?
A] Myxovirus
B] Enterovirus
C] Arbovirus
D] Rhabdovirus
72The amount of moisture in the air is recorded with ?
A] Barometer
B] Six's thermometer
C] Anemometer
D] Hygrometer
73Mode of spread of polio infection is?
A] Droplet infection
B] Faeco-oral route
C] Through blood
D] Through vectors
74Incubation period of chicken pox ranges from?
A] 6-10 days
B] 14-16 days
C] 20-25 days
D] 30-40 days
75National Tuberculosis Control Programme was adopted in India in the year?
A] 1960
B] 1962
C] 1964
D] 1966
76Who coined the term Schizophrenia?
A] Emil Kreaplin
B] Eugen Bluler
C] Kurt Schneider
D] Zigmond Freud
77A false memory that the patient believes to be true is?
A] Confabulation
B] Cataplexy
C] Anergia
D] Fung
78A special kind of therapy in which the total structure of the treatment unit is involved as part of the helping process is called ?
A] Psychotherapy
B] Milieu therapy
C] Cognitive behaviour therapy
D] Gestalt therapy
79Drug of choice for treatement and prevention of further episodes of bipolar mood disorder is?
A] Fluoxetine
B] Chlordiazepoxide
C] Amitryptiline
D] Lithium
80Abnormal involuntary movement which occurs suddenly, repetitively and purposeless is?
A] Tic
B] Mannerism
C] Cataplexy
D] Compulsion
81Fear of high places is known as ?
A] Acrophobia
B] Xenophobia
C] Algophobia
D] Claustrophobia
82Therapeutic level of serum lithium is ?
A] 2.5 - 3.0 mEq/l
B] 0.6 - 1.2 mEq/l
C] 0.8 - 1.2 mEq/l
D] 1.5 - 2.0 mEq/l
83A false unshakable belief is ?
A] Hallucination
B] Illusion
C] Delusion
D] Derealization
84Most severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome is?
A] Hang over
B] Delirium tremers
C] Alcoholic seizures
D] Alcoholic hallucinosis
85A condition in which person maintaining the body posture into which it is placed is ?
A] Echopraxia
B] Cataplexy
C] Anergia
D] Catalepsy
86Ortolani's test is diagnotic in ?
A] Respiratory distress
B] Congential anomalies
C] Congential hip dislocation
D] Induction of labour
87Attitude of fetal head in occipito posterior position is?
A] Flexion
B] Deflexion
C] Extension
D] Adduction
88Morbidly adherent placenta is called as ?
A] Placenta succenturiata
B] Placenta circumvallata
C] Battledore placenta
D] Placenta accreta

89The following factor is most important in preventing fetalopen neural tube defects?
A] Vitamin A
B] Zinc
C] Folic Acid
D] Vitamin D
90Which out of the following is not a feature of pre eclampsia?
A] Oedema
B] Hypertension
C] Fits
D] Proteinuria
91Normal weight of placenta at term is ?
A] 500 gms
B] 900 gms
C] 1/4th of baby weight
D] 1/6th of baby weight
92Hormone responisble for hyperrmesis gravidarum is?
A] Progesterone
B] Relaxin
C] Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
D] Human Placental Lactogen
93Specific manifestation in menopause is?
A] Hypo tension
B] Hypothermia
C] Hot flashes
D] Anorexia
94When is fertilized ovum known as embryo?
A] 0-8 weeks
B] 0-12 weeks
C] 12-24 weeks
D] 8-32 weeks
95Normal weight gain in pregnancy?
A] 10-12 kg
B] 7-9 kg
C] 3-5 kg
D] 14-18 kg
96Which of the following is the heart regulating center in man?
A] Liver
B] Cisterna magni
C] Medulla oblongata
D] Hypothalamaus
97Dorsalis pedis is the pulse felt over?
A] Upper limb
B] Neck
C] Lower limb
D] Trunk
98Inflammation of the tongue is known as ?
A] gingivitis
B] glossitis
C] halitosis
D] angulostomatitis
99Mantous test is the sensitivity test for ?
A] Allergic disorders
B] Tuberculosis
D] Bronchial asthma
100The characteristic fever found in Typhoid is?
A] intermittent fever
B] continuous fever 
C] relapsing fever
D] step ladder fever

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