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Sunday, 23 February 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 145

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1. Which disease is not prevented by the triple vaccine ?
Answer :- Polio

2. Which is not an example for modification of underground stems?
Answer :- Potato

3. Jigntism is caused by the excessive production of ..... in childhood?
Answer :- GH

4. Orderly arrangement of organism into various groups is called?
Answer :- Taxonomy

5. Manures are essential in agriculture to restore?
Answer :- Lost soil nutrients

6. Chemically an enzyme is ?
Answer :- Protein

7. Bionics is the study of ?
Answer :- Living beings

8. Wisdom teeth normally appear in the age group of ?
Answer :- 17-30 years

9. The main purpose of white blood corpuscles?
Answer :- To combat infection

10. The epidemic SARS affects the ?
Answer :- Respiratory System

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