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Saturday, 8 February 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 137

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1. Name the Indian merchant who requested Gandiji to go to South Africa in connection with a case ?
Answer :- Abdullah Sheth

2. name the South African President who made a settlement with Gandhiji in 1914?
Answer :- General Smuts

3. Who wrote the article entitled the 'Doctrine of the Sword'?
Answer :- Mahatma Gandhi

4. Jaliyanwalabag is in the state of?
Answer :- Punjab

5. The Indus Treaty was signed by India and Pakistan in?
Answer :- 1962

6. When did gandhiji begin to wear a loin cloth in order to identify himself with the poorest of Indian peasants?
Answer :- 1921

7. Who was the first Mayor of Culcutta?
Answer :- C.R.Das

8. bardoli was in the state of?
Answer :- Gujarath

9. Who was the presiddent of the Gujarath Sabha in 1918?
Answer :- Mahathma Gandhi

10. Who invited Gandhiji to visit Champaran in 1917?
Answer :- Rajkumar Shukla


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