LDC Examination Expected Questions - 13

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121. Which is India's largest nuclear research reactor ?
Answer :- Dhruva

122. Bhabha Atomic Research Center was formed in the year ?
Answer :- 1954

123. What is the code name of India's test explosion of 5 nuclear devices ?
Answer :- Operation Shakthi

124. India's test explosion of 5 nuclear devices took place at?
Answer :- Pokhran

125. India's test explosion of 5 nuclear devices took place in ?
Answer :- 1998

126. Who was the Prime Misnister of India at the time of Operation Shakthi?

Answer :- Atal Bihari Vajpayee

127. Which day is officially declared as National Technology Day by India Govt in 1998?
Answer :- May 11

128. National Technology Day celebrated to Commemorate for ......?
Answer :- the first of the 5 tests that were carried out in May 1998

129. Who was the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission at the time of India's first nuclear test?
Answer :-Homi Sethna

130. In which year was Indian Space Research Organisation formed?
Answer :-1969

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