Positive Thinking

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As said earlier, when it comes to success people are never gauged by inches, pounds, academic degrees or family background but by the size of their thoughts. How big a person thinks determines the magnitude of his or her accomplishments.

Have you ever tried to assess yourself. Even if you have you might have assessed it in such a way that you discover only your weakness and inabilities. Inferiority complex has been built in many people due to their attitude of knowing only their negative selves. Whenever a person is asked to evaluate himself he usually makes a long list of his weaknesses.

But that does reflect your true size. Their is your other self that remains hidden. Here is a method of assessing yourself properly.

1. Determine your chief assets. Ask your friends, your colleagues at the workplace, the members of your family to contribute to the list you make. The assets could be education, home, financial stability, domestic life, behaviour etc....

2. Next under each asset, write the name of three persons you know who have been to successful to some extent but cannot boast of this asset the way you do.

Once this exercise is done you would soon find yourself coming to the conclusion that you are better than the others in many respects. You are bigger than you thought you were. So change the style of your thinking so that it suits your true size. Think as big as you are. Big thinkers have mastered the art of creating positive, forward looking, optimistic images both in their minds and in the mind of others. To think big we must use words, phrases and sentences which produce, big positive mental pictures.
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