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1. The elected President of Indian National Congress in 1886 :
(A) W.C. Bannerji (B) A.O. Hume
(C) Lord Dufferin (D) Dadabai Navaroji

2. June 3rd plan is related to the Viceroy :
(A) Lord Irwin (B) Lord Linlithgov
(C) Lord Mountbatten (D) Lord Lytton

3. Brahmaputhra is known as the –––––––––––– in Tibet.
(A) Tsang Po (B) Jamuna
(C) Siang (D) Burlungbuther

4. Who is the Prime Minister of India from 1984-1989?
(A) I.K. Gujaral (B) Narashimha Rao
(C) Dewa Gawda (D) Rajiv Gandhi

5. Who appointed a Director of Public instruction to co-ordinate educational activities in Travancore?
(A) Sri Mulam Tirunal (B) Gauri Lakshmi Bai
(C) Utram Tirunal (D) Gauri Parvatibai

6. Pookode lake is in :
(A) Kozhikode (B) Palaghat
(C) Wayanad (D) Alappuzha

7. Kerala and Karnataka get pre-monsoon showers. People call them :
(A) Loo (B) Blossom Showers
(C) Norwesters (D) Mango Showers

8. Wardha session of Indian National Congress passed the resolution of :
(A) Non-co-operation movement (B) Quit India
(C) Civil Disobedience movement (D) Dandi March

9. In the course of the Rebellion of 1857 –––––––––––– was proclaimed emperor of India.
(A) Jhansy Rani (B) Nana Sahib
(C) Bahadur Sha II (D) Bahadur Sha I

10. Fifth Five year plan was launched in :
(A) 1969 (B) 1980
(C) 1966 (D) 1974

11. Who popularized the idea of Misrabhojanam (interdining) among the Ezhavas and other castes?
(A) Moithu Moulavi (B) K. Ayyappan
(C) Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi (D) Agamananda Swami

12. Who ended the Satyagraha before the Guruvayoor temple on October 2, 1932 on Gandhiji’s advice?
(A) K. Kelappan (B) P. Krishnapillai
(C) A.K. Gopalan (D) Sundarayya

13. K. Damodaran’s –––––––––––– heralded a beginning of new era in Malayalam Drama.
(A) Naishadam (B) Anuranjanam
(C) Kanyaka (D) Pattabakki

14. The first session of SNDP Yogam held at :
(A) Aruvipuram (B) Cherai
(C) Thiruvillamala (D) Aluva

15. In recognition of the service to the Harijan community –––––––––––– was nominated as a member of the Sri Mulam Praja Sabha.
(A) K. Ramakrishna Pillai (B) Seethi Koya Tangal
(C) Ayyankali (D) Chattampi Swamikal

16. The present Vice President of India :
(A) Mohammed Hamid Ansari (B) Venkaiah Naidu
(C) Pranav Kumar Mukherji (D) Ramnad Kovind

17.  Author of the book ‘How to Play Cricket’ :
(A) Sachin Tendulkar (B) Kapil Dev
(C) Ravi Shastri (D) Sir Drone Bradman

18. Official animal of Nepal :
(A) Cow (B) Tiger
(C) Deer (D) Elephant

19. Gir National Park is the famous ecopark in :
(A) Maharashtra (B) Haryana
(C) Uttaranchal (D) Gujarat

20. The present Indian ambassidor of Netherland :
(A) Venu Rajamani (B) Meera Shankar
(C) Arun Kumar Singh (D) Jaishankar

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