Staff Nurse Expected Questions :- 01

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1. Which one of the following is a micronutrient?
A] Protein
B] Fat
C] Vitamins
D] Water


2. Dietary fibre is included under the classification of
 A] Carbohydrate
B] Fat
C] Protein
D] Others


3. Which of the following is considered as 'Proximate Principles'?
A] Protein
B] Fat
C] Carbohydrate
D] All


4. Which protein is considered as reference protein?
A] Milk Protein
B] Wheat Protein
C] Egg Protein
D] All

Egg Protein

5. Which is the limiting amino acid in pulse protein?
A] Lysin
B] Threonine
C] Methionine
D] Cystine


6. What is the chief indicator of protein nutretion?
A] Serum amino acid level
B] Albumin level
C] Globulin level
D] None

Albumin level
MORE INFORMATION :- Albumin level refelects total protein level.

7. Which of the following is a semiessential amino acid? (PSC Previous Question)
A] Valine
B] Arginine
C] Lysine
D] Alanine


8. Which is termed as poor man's meat? (MCH Examination)
A] Soyabean
B] Cauliflower
C] Pulses
D] Wheat


9. Which of the following is a polyunsatured fatty acid?
A] Palmitic acid
B] Lauric acid
C] Linoleic acid
D] Stearic acid

Linoleic acid

10. Major percentage energy is provided by ? [MSc Entrance Question]
A] Fat
B] Protein
C] Carbohydrate
D] Vitamins


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STAFF NURSE Expected Questions

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