Kerala PSC Degree Level Questions - 5

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91. Which is the only district through which Indus flows in India?
Answer :- Leh District (Jammu & Kashmir)

92. Which is the western most and longest tributary of Ganga?
Answer :- Yamuna

93. In which year was the Project Tiger launched?
Answer :- 1973

94. The Project Elephant was launched in the year -------?
Answer :- 1992

95. Which are the most widespread forests in India?
Answer :- Tropical Deciduous Forests

96. Which type of forests are also known as 'Monsoon Forests'?
Answer :- Tropical Decoduous forests

97. Which session of the Indian National Congress made the demand for the establishment of a Constituent Assembly for the first time?
Answer :- Faizpur session of 1936

98. Which is the highest peak in peninsular India, situated in the Western Ghats?
Anai Mudi (2695 M)

99. Which range run parallel to the Coromandel coast?
Answer :- Eastern Ghats

100. Which region of India has an Arctic type climate?
Answer :- Ladakh

101. Which river is known as 'Singi Khamban' in Tibet?
Answer :- Indus

102. Which Article of the Constitution gives special status to Jammu & Kashmir?
Answer :- Article 370

103. January 26 was chosen as the Republic Day of India in commemoration of which historical event?
Answer :- On January 26, 1929 Congress passed the resolution to observe it as the first independence day

104. Through which amendment to the Constitution was the terms 'Socialist and Secular' included in the Preamble?
Answer :- 42nd Amendment of 1976

105. Who was elected as the permanent president of the Constituent Assembly?
Answer :- Rajendra Prasad

106. Who was the chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution?
Answer :- Dr B R Ambedkar

107. From which country India borrowed the idea of Directive Principles?
Answer :- Ireland

108. Which was removed from the list of the Fundamental Rights in 1978 through the 44th Constitutional Amendment?
Answer :- The Right to Property

109. Which Constitutional Amendment made the Right to Education at elementary level as a Fundamental Right under Article 21A?
Answer :- 86th Amendment of 2002

110. Which Fundamental Right was described as 'the Heart and Soul of the Constitution' by Dr. B R Ambedkar?
Answer :- Right to Constitutional Remedies
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