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Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 386

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471.The part of the brain which maintains equillibrium of the body:
Answer :- Cerebellum

472.The smallest bone in human body is Stapes. It is in:
Answer :- Middle ear

473.The animal that seeks food with the help of reflecting sound waves:
Answer :- Bat

474.Which part of the brain controls the temperature of the body?
Answer :- Hypothalamus

475.Which part of the brain facilitates muscular coordination?
Answer :- Cerebellum

476.The bird that can live in the lowest temperature:
Answer :- Emperor Penguin

477.The bird that has the longest life span:
Answer :- Ostrich

478.The bird that has the longest wing span:
Answer :- Albatross

479.The bird that lays egg in the nest of another bird:
Answer :- Cuckoo

480.The bird that makes the longest migration:
Answer :- Artctic Tern

481.The clonned cow:
Answer :- Victoria

482.Trachoma is a disease of:
Answer :- Eye

483.What connects middle ear and pharynx?
Answer :- Eustachian tube

484.What is the average length of spinal cord -
Answer :- 45cm

485.Which organism has the most developed brain?
Answer :- Human

486.Which part is known as ‘little brain’?
Answer :- Cerebellum

487.Which part of the brain controls involuntary activities such as heart beat, respiration etc?
Answer :- Medulla Oblongata

488.The fastest swimmer:
Answer :- Sail fish

489.The first mammal created through clonning is Dolly. It is a:
Answer :- Sheep

490.The largest bird egg in the world at present is that of the:
Answer :- Ostrich

491.The largest bird:
Answer :- Ostrich

492.The males that give birth to offsprings:
Answer :- Hippocampus

493.The most intelligent bird:
Answer :- Blue tit

494.The only animal in cat family that cannot retract its nails:
Answer :-Cheetah

495.The slowest fish:
Answer :- Seahorse

496.The smallest bird:
Answer :- Humming bird

497.The venom of Viper affects:
Answer :- Circulatory system

498.Which animal eat food after washing it?
Answer :- Racoon

499.Which animal is believed to show suicide tendency?
Answer :- Lemming

500.Which bird has the highest density of feather?
Answer :- Penguin
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