Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 381 [Geography]

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416. In which Himalayan belt is the hilstations of Mussoorie, Nainital and Darjelling are situated?

Answer:- Lesser Himalayas

417. Which is the northern most belt of Himalayas?

Answer:- Greater Himalayas

418. In which Himalayn belt is the highest peaks situated?

Answer:- Himadri

419. Himadri is the another name of?

Answer:- Greater Himalayas

420. Which belt of the Himalaysa contain most of the glaciers from which the important rivers like Ganga and Yamuna originated?

Answer:- Greater Himalayas

421. In which Himalayan belt is the passes like Natu La, Jelep La and Shipki La are situated?

Answer:- Greater Himalayas

422. The mountain ranges north of the Himalayas are called?

Answer:- Trans or Tethyan Himalayas

423. In India, the Trans Himalayas are present only in the .............. region of Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer:- Ladakh

424. The world's second tallest peak Mount K-2 situated in which mountain range?

Answer:- The Karakoram range

425. The Northersn Plains stretches from Punjab in the west to ...... valley in the east?

Answer:- Assam Valley

426. What is the average width of the Northern Plains?

Answer:- 250 - 320 km

427. Which state contains the largest part of the Thar or Great Indian Desert?

Answer:- Rajasthan

428. Which is the only river that flows through the Thar Desert?

Answer:- Luni

429. Which river is known as 'The Sorrow of Bihar'?

Answer:- Kosi

430. Which is the largest delta in the world?

Answer:- The Sunderbans

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