Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 364 (RENAISSANCE)

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201. Kumarakodi is the final resting place of:

(a) Kumaragurudevar
(b) Kumaranasan
(c) Vagbhatananda
(d) None of these

Answer:- Kumaranasan

202. Who organised interdining at Kozhikode and called it “Preethibhojanam”?

(a) Kumaranasan
(b) A.Ayyappan
(c) V.T.Bhatathirippad
(d) Vagbhatananda

Answer:- Vagbhatananda

203. Ayyavazhi is related to:

(a) Thycaud Ayya
(b) Sahodaran Ayyappan
(c) Ayya Vaikundar
(d) None of these

Answer:- Ayya Vaikundar

204. Who proclaimed: It is years since I left castes and religions. Yet some people think that I belong to their caste. That is not correct. I do not belong to any particular caste or religion.

(a) Mahatma Gandhi
(b) T. K. Madhavan
(c) Rajaram Mohan Roy
(d) Sree Narayana Guru

Answer:- Sree Narayana Guru

205. ............ a notable disciple of Sree Nârâyana Guru introduced Guru’s visions and ideals to the western world.

(a) Nataraja Guru
(b) Kumaranasan
(c) Chattambi Swamikal
(d) K.Madhavan

Answer:- Nataraja Guru

206. How many people signed the Ezhava Memorial?

(a) 10000
(b) 13000
(c) 13176
(d) 10038

Answer:- 13176

207. Who took initiative to establish Samastha Thiruvithamkur Pulayar Mahasabha?

(a) Ayyankali
(b) T.V.Thevan
(c) C.K.Karuppan
(d) T.T.Kesavan Sastri

Answer:- T.T.Kesavan Sastri

208. The organisation in Kerala which was founded in the lines of Servants of India Society?

(a) SNDP
(b) NSS
(c) Yogakshema Sabha
(d) None of these

Answer:- NSS

209. Which was the mouth piece of Abstention Movement?

(a) Yoganadam
(b) Malayali
(c) Kerala Kesari
(d) Swadeshabhimani

Answer:- Kerala Kesari

210. ‘Yoganadam’ is the publication of:

(a) NSS
(b) SNDP
(c) Kalamandalam
(d) None of these

Answer:- SNDP

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