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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 354

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41.Which land animal has the highest power of olefaction?
Answer :- Dog

42.“Amber Grease’ is obtained from:
Answer :- Whale

43. Appetite is controlled by:
Answer :- Hypothalamus

44.Cochlea is a part of:
Answer :- Inner ear

45. In Kerato plasty, which part of the eye is transplanted?
Answer :- Cornea

46. Meningitis is the inflammation of:
Answer :- Meninges

47. Tear is produced by:
Answer :- Lachrymal glands

48.The animal that has prehensile nose:
Answer :- Elephant

49.The birds that can fly under water:
Answer :- Penguin

50.The condition of the eye in which both eyes cannot focus on the same point:
Answer :- Squint

51.The disorder caused due to the increase in pressure of the eye ball:
Answer :- Glaucoma

52. The hormones Oxytocin and Vasopressin are produced by:
Answer :- Hypothalamu

53.The bird with only two fingers in its leg:
Answer :- Ostrich

54. The second largest bird:
Answer :- Emu

55. Which animal can make the loudest noise?
Answer :- Blue Whale

56. The inability of the eye to see distant objects:
Answer :- Myopia

57. The largest part of the brain:
Answer :- Cerebrum

58. The lowermost part of the brain:
Answer :- Medulla Oblongata

59. The outermost layer of the skin:
Answer :- Epidermis

60. The part of the brain related to vision:
Answer :- Cerebrum 


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