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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 312

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1. Which element has the least ionization energy?
Answer :- Francium

2. Which is known as the metal of future?
Answer :- Titanium

3. What is the chamical name of Marsh Gas?
Answer :- Methane

4. Atoms are composed of?
Answer :- Electrons and Nuclei

5. The force of attraction between unlike molecules is ?
Answer :- Adhesion

6. Half Life of Radio Carbon is?
Answer :- 5730 Years

7. Moderators are used to?
Answer :- Decrease speed of neutrons

8. The element with the highest boiling point?
Answer :- Tungsten

9. Bordeaux mixture which is used as fungicide in agriculture is?
Answer :- CuSO4

10. Elements that show the properties of both metals and non metals are called?
Answer :- Metalloids


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