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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 291

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1. Who was the Railway Minister in the first ministry of Jawaharlal Nehru?
Answer :- John Mathai
  1. The first ministry of Independence India was appointed by Governor General Mount Batton.

  2. The first ministry took charge in 1947 August 15.
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of Independence India.
  4. Sardar Vallabhai Patel was the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Ministry of India.
  5. John Mathai was the first malayalee to became the Cabinet Minister.
  6. He was the Vice Chancellor of the University of Kerala
2. Who was the last Governor General of Independence India?
Answer :- C.Rajagopalachari
  1. Rajagopalachari was the first Indian Governor General to live in Vice Regal Palace (The official residence of Governor General, later became Rashtrapathi Bhavan)

  2. Rejagopalachari was described by Gandhiji as 'the keeper of my consience'.
  3. He was the first recipient of India's highest civilian award, Bharath Rathna.
  4. He acquired the nick name Mango of Selam.
  5. He was the main leader of salt sathyagraha in South India.
  6. C.Rajagopalachari led Salt March from Trichirapalli to Vedaranyam on the Tanjavore coast.
  7. In 1959 he left congress and founded a new party called 'Swatantra Party'.

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