PSC Examination Expected Questions - 277

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  1. Mother Teresa was conferred with the title 'Bharat Ki Suputri' in 1992.
  2. Damodar Valley project is the first multipurpose river project in India.
  3. Belur Madh is the headquarters of Sri Rama Krishna Mission.
  4. The first Medical College in Asia was founded at Kolkata in 1835.
  5. Grampani sanctuary is located at Diphu in Assam.
  6. Nepoleon Bonaparte died at St Helena.
  7. Nanoplug are worlds smallest hearing aids.
  8. Mission Indradhanus is related to children vaccination.
  9. Mullerian Agenesis (Mayer Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome or MRKH) the consition that a women is born without womb (Uterus).
  10. World first recharchable solar battery has been developed by Ohio State University.  
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