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Monday, 19 January 2015

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 249

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1. The god of animal during the late vedic period?
Answer :- Rudra

2. The earliest portions of Rig Veda are the books of?
Answer :- II to VII

3. The latest additions of Rig Veda are?
Answer :- I and IX

4. The term for war in Rig Veda?
Answer :- Gavishti

5. The two most important assemblies from political point view are?

Answer :- Sabha and Samiti

6. In which country the statue of "Emerald Biddha' can be seen?
Answer :- Thailand

7. The diciple of Buddha who was present at the time of his death?
Answer :- Ananda

8. Who presided over the second Buddhist council?
Answer :- Sabhakami

9. Who presided over the third Buddhist counicl?
Answer :- Mogaliputta Tissa

10. Who was the patron of the third Buddhist Council?

Answer :- Ashoka


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