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Friday, 9 January 2015

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 239

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1. Water in which soap doesnot lather?
Answer :- Hard water

2. The hydrocarbon used for dry cleaning?
Answer :- Benzene

3. Chemical name of Toluene?
Answer :- Methyl Benzene

4. The most abundant aluminium mineral?
Answer :- Clay

5.The common constitute of sleeping pills?

Answer :- Barbitruates

6. Who discovered Ammonia gas?
Answer :- Joseph Priestly

7. Which gas is responsible for the fading of colour of Taj Mahal?
Answer :- Sulpher dioxide

8. The gas formed when toddy became sour?
Answer :- Co2

9. Which gas used by water authority to purify water?
Answer :- Chlorine

10. The number of Oxygen atoms in an Ozone molecule?

Answer :- 3


  1. Really helpful....thanks:)


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