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1.When natural rubber is heated with sulpher, its properties are changed. The process is called?
Answer :- Vulcanization

2.  Which of the following gives the percentage of Carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere?
(5%; 3%; 0.3%; 0.03%)
Answer :- 0.03%

3. Which of the following is a group III metal?
(Calcium, Aluminium, Sodium, Iron) 
Answer :- Aluminium

4. Temporary Hardness of water is due to?
Answer :- magnesium biarbonate

5. Which metal is separated through 'Dow Process'?
Answer :- Magnesium

6. Accidity in milk is caused by ?

Answer :- the activity of enzymes

7. DDT, the powerful insecticide contains the halogen?
Answer :- Chlorine

8. Sodium is kept in?
Answer :- Kerosene

9. Which is the heaviest metal?
Answer :- Osmium

10. Galvanized iron is coated with a thin coating of?
Answer :- Zinc

11. Which amoung the following inert gas is not presented in our atmosphere?
Answer :- Radon

12. The laws of electrolysis was discovered by?

Answer :- Faraday

13. Venturimeter is used for measuring?
Answer :- Flow of liquids

14. Half Life of Radio carbon is?

Answer :- 5730 years

15. Electron always flow from?

Answer :- Low potential to high potential

16. Dynamo works on the principle of?
Answer :- Electro magnetic induction

17. Impure water boils at temperature?
Answer :- above 100 degree centigrade 

18. Which is known as 'Rock Cotton'?
Answer :- Asbestos

19. Which ray is used for taking photographs of inner organs of body?

Answer :- Hard X-ray

20. The body which absorbs all radiation incident upon it is called as?
Answer :- Black body


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