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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Current Affairs November 2014 (World)

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1. Which Bollywood actor has been appointed as the UNICEF [United Nations Children's Fund] Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia? 
Answer :- Amir Khan

2. India has pledged how much amount for rebuilding Gaza, at the International Gaza Donor Conference held at Cairo?
Answer :- 4 Millon US Dollars

3. Who has been re-elected for a 3rd term as the President of Bolivia?
Answer :-  Evo Morales

4. At least 39 people died in the snowstorm occurred on and around the mountains of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri in which country?
Answer :- Nepal

5.  India has decided to contribute how much amount to the United Nations to fight the deadly Ebola virus in Africa?
Answer :- 12 Million US Dollars

6. Khaled Bahah is appointed as the Prime Minister of which country?
Answer :-Yemen

7. Which 2 organisations entered into a deal to hand over the civil administration of Gaza to the Palestinian Government led by President Mahamoud Abbas?
Answer :-  Hamas and Fatah

8. Name the recently rolled out airliner, the first passanger jet built in Japan in fifty years?
Answer :- Mitsubishi Regional Jet

9. Which 5 new non-permanent members have been elected to the United Nations Security Council?
Answer :- Venezuela, Angola, Malaysia, new Zealand and Spain

10. Which region under Spain has decided to hold a referendum on independence?
Answer :- Catalonia

11.  Which world bank institution has issued "Maharaja Bond' to raise funds to be used to invest in infrastructure projects in India?
Answer :- International Finance Corporation (IFC)

12. Who was sworn in as the new President of Afganistan?
Answer :- Ashraf Ghani

13. Which United States Newspaper has issued an apology for its racist cartoon on India's Mars Mission?
Answer :- The New York Times

14. What is the theme of this year's World Teacher's Day (October 5) ?
Answer :-Invest in Future, Invest in Teachers

15. After Senegal, which African country has been declared Ebola Free, by the World Health Organisation?
Answer :- Nigeria

16.  Who has bee re-elected as the President of Brazil?
Answer :-Dilma Rousseff

17. Name the secularist party which won the plurality of seats in Tunisian Parlimentary election?
Answer :-Nidaa Tounes

18. Ian kama was sworn in for a second term as the President of Which African Country?
Answer :-Botswana

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