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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 210

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1. Vitamin A is essential for the maintanance of which layer of skin?
Answer :- Epithelial skin

2. Photo synthesis takes place lower in which colour of light?
Answer :-Yellow light

3. Which instrument is used for measuring the pressure of gases?
Answer :- Mano meter

4. Grey matter consists of?
Answer :- A large number of nerve cell bodies

5. The chromosome number of a bacterium is?
Answer :- one

6. Plant group which is known as the storage of proteins?
Answer :- Pea

7. The planet having no flower?
Answer :- Mushroom

8. The Central Rice Research Institute of India is located at?
Answer :- Cuttack

9. Insufficient blood supply in human body is referred as?
Answer :- Ischemia

10. Insects belongs to?
Answer :- Anthropods

11. The colour of cow's milk is slightly yellow is due to the prencce of?
Answer :- Riboflavin

12. Artocarpus intergrifolia is the scientific name of?
Answer :- Jackfruit

13. Ginger is an example of?
Answer :-  Rhizome

14. In case of cardiac arrest what should be the most primary step?
Answer :- Cradiac massage

15. Saffron is dried ?
Answer :- Stigmas

16. What is H-165 and H-97?
Answer :- Hybrid varieties of tapioca

17. Palynology is the study of?
Answer :- Pollen grains

18. To which group of plants does the banyan tree belong?
Answer :- Angiosperms

19. Cotton fibre is obtained from the?
Answer :- Seeds

20. The chief timber used in manufacturing rifle parts is obtained from?
Answer :- Walnut

21. Eustachian tube connects in which parts of the body?
Answer :- Ear and throat


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