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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 206

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1. The Treaty of Purandar between Shivaji and Jai Singh was signed in?
Answer :- 1665

2. What was the name of Shivaji's council pf ministers?
Answer :- Ashta Pradhan

3. Who was the founder of the Mughal Empire?
Answer :- Babur

4. The Mughal Empire reached the zenith of its territorial expansion during the reign of?
Answer :-  Aurangazeb

5. Whose period is known as 'The Golden Age of Mughal Architecture'?
Answer :- Shah Jahan

6. Who was the last ruler of the Mughal Dynasty?
Answer :- Bahadur Shah II

7. Which was the official and court language of the Mughals?
Answer :- Persian

8.  Where was Akbar born in 1540?
Answer :- Fortress of Umarkot

9. Who is popularly known as 'The Napolean of Medival India'?
Answer :- Hemu

10.  Babur is considered a national hero in?
Answer :- Uzbekistan

11. Akbar was 13 years old when he ascended the Mughal throne in?
Answer :- 1556

12. Who was the mother of Akbar?
Answer :-  Hamida Banu Begum

13. Akbar organised his army by means of a system called?
Answer :-Mansabdari

14. Who was the founder of Fatehpur Sikri?
Answer :-  Akbar

15. Where is the masoleum of Akbar?
Answer :-Sikandara

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