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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 204

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1. Name the founder of Khilji Dynasty?
Answer:- Jalaluddhin Khilji

2. Ali Gurushap was the orginal name of?
Answer:- Allauddin Khilji

3. Who was known as 'the second Alexander (Sikhander-i-sani)?
Answer:- Allauddin Khilji

4. Who was the court poet of Alauddin Khilji?
Answer:- Amir Khusru

5. Who was called as 'The Parrot of India'?
Answer:- Amir Khusru

6. Which Sulthan of Delhi made first time market regulations?
Answer:- Alauddhin Khilji

7. Who is considered as the father of Urdu language and the inventor of Sitar?
Answer:- Amir Khusru

8. Who was the founder of Tughlaq Dynasty?
Answer:- Ghiazuddi Tughlaq

9. Jauna Khan was the real name of?
Answer:- Muhammed Bin Tughlaq

10. Who called Muhammed Bin Tughlaq ' an illstarted idealist'?
Answer:- Ibn Batuta

11. Who was the first to introduce the token currency system in 1330?
Answer:- Muhammed Bin Tughlaq

12. Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to impose Jaziya?
Answer:- Firoz Shah Tughlaq

13. Who founded the Sayyid Synasty in 1414?
Answer:- Khizr Khan

14. Shah Alam I was the last Sultan of which Dynasty?
Answer:- Sayyid Dynasty

15. Which Sultan Dynasty ruled for the maximum duration?
Answer:- Tughlaq Dynasty

16. Which Sultan Dynasty had the shortest period of reign?
Answer:- Khilji Dynasty

17. Bahlol Lodhi founded the Lodhi Dynasty in?
Answer:- 1451

18. Which was the first Afgan (Pathan) Dynasty of India?
Answer:- Lodhis

19. Who shifted the capital of the Sultanate to Agra from Delhi?
Answer:- Sikhandar Lodhi

20. Who was the maker of the city Agra?
Answer:- Sikhandar Lodhi

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