PSC Examination Expected Questions - 201

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1. Which were the chief deities of the Harappans?
Answer :- Pashupathi and Mother Goddess

2.Which period is known as the Vedic Period?
Answer :- 1500 - 600 BC

3. Which is the oldest Veda?
Answer :- The Rig Veda

4. The Rig Veda comprises of howmany hymns?
Answer :- 1028

5. The suktas of the Rig Veda are grouped into how many mandalas?
Answer :- 10

6. Which metal was not known to the Harappans?
Answer :- Iron

7. Which veda deals with music?
Answer :- Sama Veda

8. Which hymn in the tenth mandala of the Rigveda tel about the origin of caste system?
Answer :- Purusha Sukta

9. Which is the largest Veda?
Answer :- Atharva Veda

10. Which veda states that 'War begins in the minds of men'?
Answer :- Atharva Veda

11. The Upanishads are in Numbers?
Answer :- 108

12. 'Sathyameva Jayathe' is stated in which Upanishad?
Answer :- Mundaka Upanishad

13. Which is the largest epic in the world?
Answer :- Mahabharatha

14. Which grin referred to the Vedic literature as vrihi?
Answer :- Rice

15. The only grain referred to in the Rig Veda is?
Answer :- Yava (Barley)

16. Who translated Manusmrithi in to English?
Answer :- William Johnes

17. Asthashastra was translated to English by?
Answer :- Shyama Shastri

18. What was known in the names 'Jaya Samhita and Shatasahara Samhita'?
Answer :- Mahabharatha

19. The Mahabharatha consists of Parvas?
Answer :- 18

20. Ramayana is divided into ... Kandas?
Answer :- 7

21. Which Parva of Mahabharatha includes Bhagavat Gita?
Answer :- Bhishma Parva

22. What is the total number of Jain Thirthankaras?
Answer :- 24

23. Who is the first Thirthankara?
Answer :- Rishabha

24. Who is the 24th Thirthanbkara of Jainism?
Answer :- Vardhamana Mahavira

25. Vardhamana Mahaveera is believed to have born in 540 BC in?
Answer :- Kundala Grama
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