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Sunday, 14 September 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 203

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1. Arabs conquered the Sindh in the year?
Answer:- 712 AD

2. Who was the first Turkish Conqueror of North India?
Answer:- Muhammed Gazni

3. Who was known as 'Indian Homer'?
Answer:-  Al Firdausi

4. How many Sulthan Dynasties ruled Delhi?
Answer:- Five

5. Which is the descending order of Delhi Sulthan Dynasties?
Answer:- Slave Dynasty, Khilji Dynasty, Tughlaqs Dynasty, Sayyid Synasty and Lodis Dynasty

6. Who was the founder of Slave (Mamluk) Dynasty?
Answer:- Qutab ud din Aibak

7. Which ruler of Slave Dynasty known as 'Lakh Baksh'?
Answer:-  Qutab ud din Aibak

8. Who completed the construction of Qutab Minar?
Answer:- Ilthumish

9. The Mongol Congueror Jengizkhan attacked India during the reign of?
Answer:- Ilthumish (1221)

10. Who was the first Sulthan to make Delhi his capital?
Answer:- Ilthumish

11. Who was the first Sulthan of Delhi to get recognistion of the Khalif of Bagdad?
Answer:- Ilthumish

12. Who was the only women ruler of the Delhi Sulthanate?
Answer:- Sulthana Razia(1236 - 40)

13. Raziya Sulthana was the daughter of ?
Answer:- Ilthumish

14. Which Slave Sulthan described himself as 'The Shadow of God (Zil-i-Illahi)?
Answer:- Balban

15. Who was the last slave Sulthan?
Answer:- Kayqubad

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