Current Affairs April - May 2014 (Awards)

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1. International Gandhi Peace Prize Winner of 2013 ?
Answer :- Chandi Prasad Bhatt (Related with Chipko Movement)

2. Which Indian writer won the Windham Campbell Literature Prize? 
Answer: Pankaj Mishra 

3. Name the eminent Hindi writer who has been selected for Vyas Samman in 2013? 
Answer: Viswanath Thripathi 

4. Who has been chosen for the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the year 2013? 
Answer: Gulzar his real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra.

5. Who won the Millennium technology prize 2014? 
Answer: Stuart Parkin

6. Who is honoured with Goldman Environmental Prize 2014? 
Answer: Indian environment activist Ramesh Agrawal 

7. Which Indian Cricketer has won United Kingdom's 2014 Asian award for outstanding achievement in Sports? 
Answer: MS Dhoni

8. Which film was selected as the Best Film for 61st National Film Awards announced on 16th April 2014? 
Answer: Ship of Theseus The 61st National Film Awards for 2013 was announced in New Delhi on 16 April by the Directorate of Film Festivals.

9. The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction-2014 has been awarded to Donna Tartt for her novel ............? 
Answer: The Goldfinch 

10. Which two U.S newspapers shared the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service this year, for their articles on the National Security Agency’s secret surveillance activities based on the leaks of Edward Snowden? 
Answer: The Washington Post and The Guardian

11. Which Indian born poet won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in the poetry category? 
Answer: Vijay Seshadri. He got the award for the collection of poems named 3 Sect ions.

12. Who got Millennium Technology Prize 2014? 
Answer: Professor Stuart Parkin

13. Which Indian environmentalist is among the six people around the world to be awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, often called ‘The Green Nobel’? 
Answer: Ramesh Agrawal

14. Who got the award for the best director in the recently declared Kerala State Film Awards? 
Answer: Shyama Prasad (Film - Artist)
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Current Affairs

Current Affairs April - May 2014

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