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1. Which was India's first dedicated 'Educational Satellite'?
Answer :- EDUSAT (GSAT-3)
2. Which Was India's first Moon Mission?
Answer :- Chandrayaan - 1

3. Which is the first pico-satellite developed in India?
Answer :- Student Satellite (STUDSAT)

4. What is the name of the nano satellite developed by IIT Kanpur?
Answer :- Jugnu

5. Which was the first satellite built by an Indian University?
Answer :- ANUSAT (Anna University)
6. Which was the first satellite launched from India?
Answer :- ROHINI

7. Which was the first experimental Remote Sensing Satellite built in India?
Answer :- Bhaskara - 1

8. Which is the Indo-French joint Satellite Mission for studying the water cycle and energy exchanges in the tropics?
Answer :- Megha-Tropiques

9. Which was India's first experimental Satellite Launching Vehicle?
Answer :- SLV - 3 (18th July 1980)

10. Which vehicle was used in the launching of Chandrayaan-1?
Answer :- PSLV C-11
11. ISRO launched the first Space Capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE-1) in the year?
Answer :- 10th January 2007

12. Where is ISRO Satellite Center located?
Answer :- Banglore

13. Which was the first rocket launched in India?
Answer :- Nike Apache (Thumba, Kerala; 21st November 1963)

14. Which is the heaviest satellite launched from India?
Answer :- INSAT-4CR (2007)

15. How long Chandrayaan-1 was operational?
Answer :- 312 Days (Till August28, 2009)
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