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Friday, 25 October 2013

LDC Examination Expected Questions - 67

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Bengal's Sorrow  - River Damodar ,West Bengal
Blue Mountains - Nilgiri Hills, India
Britain of the south - New Zealand
City of Dreaming Spires - Oxford, England
City of Eternal Springs - Quito, South Africa
City of Golden Gate - San Francisco, USA
City of Golden Temple - Amritsar, India
City of Magnificence Distances - Washington DC 
City of Palaces - Kolkata, India
City of Seven Hills - Rome
City of Skyscrapers - New York
Cockpit of Europe - Belgium
Dark Continent - Africa
Emerald Island - Ireland
Empire City - New York
Eternal City - Rome
Forbidden City - Lhasa, Tibet
Garden of England - Kent, England
Garden of India - Bangalore
Gate of Tears - Bad-el-mandab, Jerusalem
Gateway of India - Mumbai
Gift of Nile - Egypt
Granite City - Aberdeen, Scotland
Great White Way - Broadway, New York
Hermit Kingdom - Korea


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