LDC Examination Expected Questions - 40

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391. Who is known as 'Indian Einstein' ?
Answer :- Nagarjuna

392. Who was the first disciple of Mahavira?
Answer :- Jamali

393. The Indus people buried dead bodies with the heads pointed towards ..........?
Answer :- North

394. Who was known as 'Second Ashoka' in recognition to his contribution to Buddhism?

Answer :- Kanishka
395. The only person to become President of India who had been defeated in a Presidential election previous ?
Answer :- Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

396. The first sermon of Buddha is known as .........?
Answer :- Dharmachakra Pravarthan

397. The Emperor who made Buddhism a world region?
Answer :- Asoka

398. The fourth Buddhist council was convened during the reign of .............?
Answer :- Kanishka
399. Ayurveda is an upaveda of ..........?
Answer :- Atharva Veda

400. The prime Minister who signed on Lahore Declaration with Nawaz Sherif of Pakistan?
Answer :- A.B.Vajpayee
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