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371. The famous musician lived in the court of Akbar ?
Answer :- Tansen

372. The Mugal prince who was defeated by Aurangazeb and fled of Arakan Hills where he was killed by Magh tribe ?
Answer :- Shuja

373. Harisena was the court poet of ..........?
Answer :- Samudragupta

374. The most famous Kushana ruler ?
Answer :- Kanishka
375. The most important Chera King ?
Answer :- Chenkuttuvan

376. Nagarjunakonda is in the state of ?
Answer :- Andra Pradesh

377. Who wrote 'Milinda Panho'?
Answer :- Nagarjuna
378. The place of worship of Buddhists ?
Answer :- Pagoda

379. The Gupta King who was called 'Indian Napoleon' by the famous historian Vincent A Smith?
Answer :- Samudragupta

380. The most famous Parthian King in Indian History?
Answer :- Gondophernes

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