The Viceroys of India - 1

A] Lord Canning (1st November 1856 -21st March 1862)
1. Revolt of 1857
2. After the Revolt of 1857 British Government took control of the administration from East India Company.
3. Lord Canning was the last Governer General and First Viceroy of India after the Queen Victoria Proclamation in 1858.
4. Withdrawal of the 'Doctrine of Lapse' in 1859, which was passed by Lord Dalhousie.
5. Foundation of University of Calcutta , Bombay and Madras in 1857.
6. Indigo Revolt in Bengal in 1859-60.
7. Bahadursha II was sent to Rangoon. He was the Last Mugal Empire.
8. Indian Council of Act was passed in 1861.
9. High Courts were set up at Calcutta, Bombay and Madras under Indian High court Act 1856.
10. First Law Commission headed by Lord Macaulay.
B] Lord Elgin 1st (21st March 1862 - 20th November 1863)
1. Suppressed the Wahabi Movement
C] Lord Roberd Napier (21st November 1863 - 2nd December 1863)
D] Lord William Denison (2nd December 1863 - 12th January 1864)
E] Lord John Lawrence ( 12th January 1864 - 12th January 1869)
1. Telegraphic Communication was opened with Europe.
2. Created the Indian Forest Department (Imperial Forest Department)
F] Lord Mayo (12th January 1869 - 8th February 1872)
1. He organised the Statistical Survey of India.
2. Department of Agriculture and Commerce was established by Mayo.
3. He established the Rajkot College at Kathiwar and Mayo College at Ajmer for the Indian Princes.
4. Lord Mayo was assassinated, when he was visiting Port Blair in the Andaman Island in 1872. (Only Viceroy to be murdered in Office )
5. Fist Census took place in 1872.
G] Lord John Strachey (9th February 1872 - 23rd February 1872)
H] Lord Napier (Acting) (24th February 1872 - 3rd May 1872)
I] Lord Northbrook (3rd May 1872 - 12th April 1876) 

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