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BOTANY Questions - 002

1 A Pigment responsible for photomorphogenetic responses is –phytochrome
2 The disease’die back of shoots’ is caused due to the deficiency of the micro element- Copper
3 Anomocytic type of stomata is the feature of -Ranunculaceae
4 Father of gene therapy- Anderson
5 Smallest living cell- RBC


6 In flurascent microscope the radiations pass through a filter called- exciter
7 Which is the smallest dicot plant- Arcuthobium
8 Tetrand formation occurs in which stage of meosis-Pachytene
9 Chiasmata was first observed by- Janson
10 Which plant has longest fibre- Linum usitatissimum
11 A xerophyte bryophyte- Porella 
12 The scaly membraneous perianth of graminae - lodicule
13 The vector which can multiply in more than one host- Shuttle vector
14 A plasmid with phage gene is called- plasmid
15 The stomata which guard cell have lost their power are-Potomogeton type
16 First bioinsectiside to be developed in commercial scale- sporeine
17 How many meotic divisions are need for the development of 64 spores-16
18 Split genes are discovered by- Sharp & Robertis
19 Amino acid known as bacterial aminoacid – Diamino pimelic acid
20 Rephano brassica is an example for - allopolyploid
21 Recently discovered non-leguminous nitrogen fixing bacteria-Acatobacter paspali
22 Type of RNA having least secondary structure :- mRNA
23 Largest organell of a plant cell- Vacuole
24 One mole of glucose yield how many kilojoule of energy- 2868KJ(686 k cal)
25 The absorption band shown by chlorophyll in violet – blue regionSoret band
26 Late blight of potato is caused by- phytophthora infestans
27 Which plant is called water fly trap- Aldrovanda 28 Queen of essantial oil-Rose oil
29 Gymnosperm having single ovule in a female cone- Taxus
30 Damping off seedling is due to the fungi- pythium debaryanum
31 Intra nuclear mitosis is know as – karyochoresis
32 The structure that is produced by the parasitie fungi to adhere to the host cell- Appresorium
33 Heterothallism was first reported in mucor by:- Blackslee
34 W art disease of Potato is caused by- Synchitrium
35 A flurascent dye used to stain DNA-Ethydium Bromide
36 Which is the smallest virus-Foot & mouth virus
37 An eight celled cubical shaped bacteria-Sarcinia
38 An out growth from the surface of seed having large oil storing,cells which are helpful in seed dispersal-Elaiosomes
39 The linkage in starch is x-1,4 glucosidic linkage
40 The railway sleepers are made from-Cedrus deodra
41 Sudden appearance of ancesstral charectors in present day organisms is called-Atavism
42 First isolated restriction endonuclease is-Hind-II
43 Darwinism was published in the year-1859
44 DNA formed from RNA by riverse transcription :- cDNA
45 A Part of DNA which codes for a single polypeptide chain-Cistron
46 Father of plant physiology- Stephen Hales
47 The chemical which blocks PQ binding site of P.S.II-DCMU
48 The simplest biological light energy transducer :- Bacteriorhodopsin
49 Reagent used in RNA extraction is – Guanadinium thiocyanate
50 The basepairs present in one turn of A DNA- II Base pairs
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