Company Corporation Assistant Grade Question - 11

Company Corporation Assistant Grade Question,Company Corporation Assistant Grade examination Question,Assistant Grade examination Question
1. Which country is known as 'Junior America'?
ANSWER:- Canada

2. Which instrument is used to measure atmospheric humidity?
ANSWER:- Hydrometer

3. Over 90% of the wildlife of which country found nowhere else on Earth ?
ANSWER:- Madagascar

4. Which countries are seperated by the Medicine Line?
ANSWER:- Canada , USA

5. The Ozone Belt is situated at levels between ...... Kms above atmosphere?
ANSWER:- 20 - 40 Km

6.A line in the map joining points with equal slope is ......
ANSWER:- Isocline

7. Which is the second largest country in the world?
ANSWER:- Canada

8. Which are the fastest seismic waves?
ANSWER:- P Waves

9. In which ocean is the notorious Ring of Fire situated?
ANSWER:- Pacific Ocean

10. The counter lines that depicts a variable which cannot be measured at a point, but which insted must be calculated from data collected over an area is .....
ANSWER:- Isopleths

11. Which country's national day falls on January 26?
ANSWER:- Australia

12. Who developed the idea of Continental Draft?
ANSWER:- Alfred Wegner

13. Which is the third principle constituent gas present in the atmosphere?
ANSWER:- Argon

14. A line that indicates equal or constant pressure on a map is ....
ANSWER:- Isobar

15. Which is the largest country in Africa?
ANSWER:- Algeria 
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