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International Organisation - 2

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16.Universal Postal Union established on ?
Answer:- 1875 October 9th

17. The founding day of UPU celebrated as ......?
Answer:- World Postal Day [ October 9]

18. Which organization concerned with children's welfare associated with U.N?

Answer:- UNICEF

19. UNICEF is commonly known as ..............
Answer:- United Nations Children's Fund

20. Which football player wearing a Barcelona shirt showing the UNICEF logo?
Answer:- Lionel Messi

21. Which is known as Angelic Arm of U.N?
Answer:- UNICEF

22. Where is the headquarters of United Nation Enviornment Programme?
Answer:- Nairobi,Keniya

23. Which is the Book published by UNICEF for children?
Answer:- Fact for Life

24. What is IBRD?
Answer:- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

25. The term Third Window associated with?
Answer:- World Bank

26. What is Clean Air Initiative(CAI)?
Answer:- CAI is a World Bank initiative to advance innovative ways to improve air quality in cities.

27.Which country goat a loan from World Bank at first?
Answer:- France

28. What is UNU?
Answer:- United Nations University(UNU)

29. World Trade Organization established on which year?
Answer:- 1st January 1995

30. Who was the predecessor of WTO?
Answer:- GATT
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