PSC Geography Questions - 002

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1. The science comprising the study of solid Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the process by which it evolves is called.............
Answer:- Geology

2. During which geological period did the Earth became Oxygen rich?
Answer:- Orosirian Period

3. What is the name of the Geological period added to the age of the Earth by the International Union of Geological Science in 2004?
Answer:- Ediacaran Period

4. Where is the headquarters of International Union of Geological Science?
Answer:- Reston(USA)

5. The first green plant and fungi appeared on land during which period?
Answer:- Ordovician Period

6. Which geological period in the age of Earth is also known as 'the Age of Fish'?
Answer:- Devonian Period

7. The first seed bearing plants appeared on earth during the period of ..........
Answer:- Devonian Period

8. Paleontology is the study of .............?
Answer:- Fossils

9. What was the name of the super continent that existed about 300 million years ago?
Answer:- Pangaea

10. What is the name of the single global ocean that surrounded the super continent Pangaea?
Answer:- Panthalassa


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