Kerala PSC Expected Questions on Constitution and Polity - 03

Department related committees related to Constitution of India
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Department related committees
Out of the 17 Committees, 6 Committees are serviced by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat and 11 Committees by the Lok Sabha Secretariat.
Rajya Sabha Committees
1. Committee on Commerce
2. Committee on Home Affairs
3. Committee on Human Resource Development
4. Committee on Industry
5. Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests
6. Committee on Transport, Culture and Tourism.
Lok Sabha Committees
7. Committee on Agriculture
8. Committee on Information Technology
9. Committee on Defence
10. Committee on Energy
11. Committee on External Affairs
12. Committee on Finance
13. Committee on Food, Civil Supplies and Public Distribution
14. Committee on Labour and Welfare
15. Committee on Petroleum & Chemicals
16. Committee on Railways
17. Committee on Urban and Rural Development
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Constitution and Polity


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