Kerala PSC FIREMAN Previous Question Paper

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Kerala PSC FIREMAN Previous Question Paper | PSC FIREMAN Previous Question Paper | KPSC FIREMAN Previous Question Paper | FIREMAN Previous Question Paper | Kerala PSC FIREMAN Question Paper | Kerala PSC FIREMAN Question Papers
1. Maria Elina South, the driest place of Earth is situated in the desert of?
Answer :- Attakkama

2. The study of soil is known as
Answer :- Pedology

3. The irst athlete who won the gold medal in Asian Athletic Championship?
Answer :-  Tintu Luka

4. Which social reformer is known as the 'Madan Mohan Malavya of Kerala'?
Answer :- Mannath Padmanabhan

5. Which colour has the largest wavelength
Answer :- Red

6. Lalgudi Jayaraman is a mastero of which musical instrument?
Answer :- Violin

7. Ozone Day is on?
Answer :- September 16

8. Who is considered as the father of Indian Planning Commission?
Answer :- M.Visweswarayya

9. Which of the following is known as rolling plant or lying plant?
A] Jupiter
B] Earth
C] Uranus
D] Mars
Answer :- Uranas

10. The term 'Genetics was firstly used by?

Answer :- W.Bateson

11. ONE STRAW REVOLUTION is a book written by?
Answer :- Mazanoby Fukuwoka

12. 'Macondo' is an imaginary place in a novel wrotten by Garbriel Garcia Marquez. What is the name of that novel?
Answer :- One hundred Years of Solitude

13. Chenthuruni Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the district og ?
Answer :- Kollam

14. Who was the founder of Lodhi Dynasty?
Answer :- Bhulul Lodhi

15. ETNA Volcano situated in?
Answer :- Itali

16. 'Enmakanje' is the great work related with Endosulfan victims in Kasargode. Who is the author of this book?
Answer :- Ambikasuthan Mangad

17. Who won the Swathi Sangeetha Puraskar 2014?
Answer :- Amjath Ali Khan

18. India had a plan holiday between?
Answer :- 1966-1969

19. Proposed Capital of Andhra Pradesh?
Answer :- Amaravathi

20. Odd One Out :- Chalakkudipuzha, Kunthippuzha, Pumpa, Pambar

Answer :- Pampar

21. The real name of Dr.Palpu, the social reformer of Kerala?
Answer :- Pathmanabhan

22. Who was the founder and publisher of the newspaper 'Swdeshabhimani'?
Answer :- Vakkom Abdulkhadar Moulavi

23. The river Bhavani is orginated and flows from which plateau of Kerala?
Answer :- Palakkad Plateau

24. The Vice Chairman of Rajya Sabha?
Answer :- P.J.Kuryan

25. Who is the first women President of WHO (World Health Organisation)?
Answer :- Groharlen Brundland

26. The 'Nehru Report' of 1928 is related with?
Answer :- Mothilal Nehru

27. The beginning of 1857 revolt is on?
Answer :- 10th May 1857

28. The Vice Chancellor of Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University is?
Answer :- K.Jayakumar

29. In which year Silent Valley declared as a National Park?
Answer :- 1984

30. The poem 'Prarodhanam' is written by?

Answer :- Kumaran Asan

41. How many languages are recognized by the Constitution of India?
Answer :- 22

42. Who founded the Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangam?
Answer :- Ayyankali

43. Jallian Wala Bagh massacre took place in the city?
Answer :- Amruthsar

44. The Right to Information Act (RTI) applied to all States and union Territories of India except?
Answer :- Jammu and Kashmir

45. The purpose of Choke in the tube light is?
Answer :- to increase the woltage momentarily

46. The father of Economics is?
Answer :- Adam Smith

47. The word 'Tsunami' derived from the language of?
Answer :-  Japanese

48. Who is known as the Iron Lady of Manipur?
Answer :- Irom Sharmila

49. The President of Venezuela is?
Answer :- Nicolas Maduro

50. The provision regarding emergency are adopted from?

Answer :-  German Constitution

51. In which year the insurance companies nationalized in India
Answer :- 1956

52. In which River Tehri Dam is situated?
Answer :- Bhagirathi

53. Bhilai Steel Plant is located in the Indian State of?
Answer :- Chattisgrah

54. Who is the first winner of Janapith Award?
Answer :- G.Sankarakkurupp

55. Which of the following is considered as the soul of Indian Constitution?
Answer :- Preamble

56. The oldest Oil Refinery in India is at?
Answer :- Digboy, Assam

57. From which country Delhi Metro has received its first driverless train?
Answer :- South Korea

58. The seat of the Asain School of Cyber Laws?
Answer :- Pune

59. Who is the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission?
Answer :- K.G.Balakrishnan

60. Which article of Indian Constitution probibits the discrimination on the ground of religion, cast, sex or place of birth?
Answer :- Article 15
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