PSC exams from July 1

The Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC) will res­ tart its examinations for va­ rious posts on July 1, with priority being given to ex­ aminations which were postponed due to the CO­ VID­19 pandemic.
A meeting of the com­ mission on Monday decid­ ed to consult the State go­ vernment regarding the holding of examinations on weekends, when the lock­ down will be in place, as per the current COVID­19 protocols.

According to a PSC official, the priority in the first month will be to complete the exams scheduled bet­ ween April 23 and May 23 this year. Most examina­ tions planned in the initial weeks have relatively fewer applicants. The PSC will restart the examinations with a test for range forest officer, which has only 140 applicants.

Transport facility
“Since there is no public transport on weekends due to the lockdown, it is difficult to organise exami­ nations. We are consulting with the State government to see whether we will have to reschedule all of these examinations or if the Ker­ ala State Road Transport Corporation can run spe­ cial schedules,” a PSC offi­ cial told The Hindu. An examination that is being taken up on priority is the combined examina­ tion for the SSLC­level posts, to be held on July 3. Around 4,000 candidates will be appearing for it.



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