What is Success?

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Nobody can deny the fact that a person who has achieved success in life is the most respected one in society. But attaining that stature is one of the most difficult tasks in life. To be respected by others, to attain recognition,the position where one doesn't need much introduction while interacting with other people is what all of us are striving for. But one has to walk a long road to reach there.

 A successful person is one who is complete in all respects. One who has had an aim in life and has achieved that. All his actions have been directed towards that goal. A man who radiates confidence in every step he takes. One who exudes a golden charm ...... He is the person on whom society looks upon for guidelines. He is the role model for the rest of the ordinary mortals to follow. Lee lacocca, Dhirubhai Ambani, William Gates, Vikram Seth,Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar and Steven Spielberg - a few names that come to the mind. Though they are men who practice different professions, all of them have one thing in common — success.

But the question remains - what went into shaping their actions? If we were to study the lives of great men, even chose who have attained moderate success,we would be able to cull out a few traits common to all of them.
* All of them had a direction in their life on which they persevered.
* They developed a strong character that made them stick to their goals in the face of hardships.
* They were not carried away by the initial recognition they won and went on with their work.
* They devoted all their attention towards their education - academic or otherwise which made them well read.
* All of them worked according to a plan that would take them to their goals.
* They were all workaholics and they legft no stone unturned in reaching their goals.
* Last, but not the least, they were all geniuses - made if not born. And when we say genius we should keep in mind that genius is 90 per cent perspiration and only 10 per cent inspiration.
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