PSC English - Pairs That Snares

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Dear Kerala PSC Aspirants here is some English words. Have a nice day.
Embellish - Add decoration
She embellished her sari by embroidering it with flowers.
Ebezzle- to steal
The cashier embezzled gold from the bank.
Eligible - Fit to be chosen
He is eligible for higher studies.
Legible - Easy to read
Her handwriting is legible.
Exercise-Gymnastic movemet
Children should take good  exercise.
The ghost was exorcised by means of special ceremony.
Endue-To fill with (good quality)
He was endued with patience.
Endow-To provide with
Kiran was endowed with scholarships in school.
The police captured the elusive criminal in school.
Your dreams are really illusive.
Facilitate-To make easy
Your co-operation will certainly facilitate our work.
Felicitate-To congratulate
The chief guest felicitated the team on their victory
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